Wajah Baru.

Same 'ol Laman Bunga with fresh new look! I wish the visitors (TQ!) will love the new look as much as I love it.

Why I choose this look?? >> 1) It is not all about orchids anymore, it has been diversified since my last delivery on Oct 2009 2) The pic which I love so much reflects the true current situation of my fav hobby (menanam dan mengarwahkan bunga) ..see the resemblance? The rose looks halfway between blooming and being attacked by insects. 3) I got to add more things to my blog. HG frens, I am glad that you guys have been relinked.

I had recently been introduced to the new 'kegilaan' of HG residences i.e HO HO HO YA..To Alif, bungkusan ajaib telah bertukar tangan dan telah selamat ditanamkan. My other fren has also dived in (welcome mekJ) with 2 hoyas as additional to the few she had at home.

Ok, no hoya pictures yet as I had just started to 'play' with them. Till then!

Iklan tak berbayar : Anda yang gila cotton boleh tengok mcm2 cotton kat Jakel Shah Alam..huwargghhh..peningnye mcm2 design..


Some pictures were taken weeks back but has got no time to update here.
They are mixture of pictures taken from my hometown & my hubby's.

** Dah ade anak pokok pisang , planted last wk , tp belum dapat tgk lagi.

And..a good start for us and the little man. ALHAMDULILLAH SYUKUR.

** kawanan lembu ni bukan semua ours,cuma tumpang berkawan2 aje..Adam is now officially a Tuan to a few nice lembu. :D